Thincke & Thancke Garden

In July 2018, actor Jeremy Irons visited the Thincke & Thancke garden and read Stephen Spender’s poem, The Truly Great, followed by the N.M. Cummins letter describing the tragic history of the South Reen peninsula, West Cork, during An Gorta Mór.

jeremy irons

In August 2022, at the West Cork History Festival John Kelly presented this video on the Thincke & Thancke Garden that the artist has been creating for over a decade on the South Reen peninsula in West Cork, Ireland. The garden features the Nicholas Marshall Cummins letter, etched in Irish Limestone that was addressed to the Duke of Wellington and published in The Times on Christmas Eve 1846. The letter was a plea for aid to assist the starving inhabitants of the village which once occupied the land on which the garden sits during An Gorta Mór (The Great Hunger). The letter is encased in a glass simulacrum of the “Tate Modern” accompanied by the Quaker Phoenix ‘famine’ soup pot found on the property in 2003 when the artist purchased the property. This presentation features Sir Bob Geldof reading the N.M. Cummins’ letter, his personal response to the garden, and the horrific and tragic history that occurred where an entire village was wiped off the map.

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Thincke & Thancke Garden at South Reen

Thincke & Thancke Garden at South Reen

Thincke & Thancke Garden at South Reen

Jeremy Irons reads N. M. Cummins' Letter and Stephen Spender poem at Thincke & Thancke Garden

West Cork History Festival 2022 Thincke & Thancke Garden (ft. Bob Geldof)

Sticks and Stones

Tate at South Reen

Irish Landscapes



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